Mollie Downes is a Ukrainian and Irish American performing artist in the worlds of dance, music, acting, and modeling.  She was born and raised in NYC, and has been lucky enough to have been performing professionally in the city since she was a teenager.     

 Mollie is passionate about the creation of new works, whether she is on stage performing, sitting in the booth calling cues as a stage manager, or choreographing a piece for the cast of her current project.


Mollie Downes 

starring as Roxie Hart

in the 2020

North American Tour of CHICAGO.  



"Strange Love: Episodes"

Mollie will be dancing with contemporary choreographer Nathan Trice's company at the Billie Holiday Theater in NYC in a preview of his piece "Conversations" as part of the longer project titled "Strange Love: Episodes." The piece has been in development by the choreographer for over a decade, and shows the intimate nuances between couples in their day to to day relationships.



Mollie is thrilled to be joining the cast of "Wildnerness," a new musical, in the role of Whitney.  The AEA workshop will take place in Miami, FL, and conclude in an industry showing.  If interested in industry tickets, please contact Mollie directly 


photo by Steve Vaccariello